Our Story

Dolly Luxury Hair was founded in 2011 by Dolly Grace Aje; a 27-year-old Certified Hair Fanatic. 

She began selling hair extensions on eBay while at university and the business quickly blew up. In 2019, one of her close friends developed alopecia universalis and spent over £900 on a wig that did not last more than a few months. Infuriated by this, she was dedicated to reconstruct her entire business model to ensure this didn't happen again.

Determined to move into the wig space with the intention of creating affordable, yet high quality human hair wigs, she began conducting extensive market research. She sourced high quality remy wigs and over the next year, hired 9 balayage specialists in the UK, US and Canada to assist in the creation of the units. The aim was to create wigs that would mimic the bio hair of those suffering from hair loss.

The wigs have been a huge success with over 3,500 units sold in 30 countries worldwide.

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